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Number Skills for Children with Down Syndrome (5-11 years) - PDF Ebook

Number Skills for Children with Down Syndrome (5-11 years) - PDF Ebook

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This ebook provides guidance and advice and describes practical activities to assist the development of number skills for children with Down syndrome. Covering awareness of quantity, size, weight, pattern, shape, time and money and the importance of language for number concepts , it offers practical information in an accessible format.

This practical book draws on what is known about the number development of typically developing children to provide guidance and activities to teach number and maths concepts to children with Down syndrome in primary school. The use of multi-sensory materials is encouraged and the need to make activities meaningful by linking them to the child's everyday experience of the use of quantity, size, weight, pattern, shape, time and money is stressed. The language needed for number and maths concepts is identified.

This practical book is intended to be used by parents and education professionals. It is designed to be read in conjunction with other books in the Down Syndrome Issues and Information series. In particular, it is complemented by the background information provided in Number Skills for Individuals with Down Syndrome - An Overview.

Down Syndrome Issues and Information is a series of practical and informative books covering the full range of developmental, health and social issues relating to individuals with Down syndrome. The books have been written by some of the world's leading experts and are based on years of research and hands-on experience.

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The content of this ebook edition is the same as in the original print edition first published in 2001.