Course Subscription: A parent's guide to teaching reading to children and young people with Down syndrome

Course Subscription: A parent's guide to teaching reading to children and young people with Down syndrome

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This online course offers detailed, practical guidance and support to help families teach children and young people with Down syndrome to read.

The aim of this course is to help parents to teach their children and young people to read. Many individuals with Down syndrome do not get reading instruction in school and we know that many have been taught to read by their parents. If they are getting reading instruction in school, research tells us that the support all children receive at home influences their reading progress. The course aims to give parents the information and confidence they need to support their children’s reading progress. Recent reviews estimate that some 80% of children with Down syndrome can develop useful levels of reading abilities and that progress can be made in early adult years. We take account of the individual differences in progress and describe the benefits of supported reading for all children. We also explain how to use reading activities to develop spoken language for all children and young people even if they have limited independent reading ability.

Presented and led by Professor Sue Buckley OBE, this course includes five modules. Each module includes a 40-50 minute video presentation which sets out the key information on the topic, and At Home Guidance which sets out the principles for effective teaching, how to apply the video information and design practical activities for an individual child or young person, from beginners to more advanced readers. Activities are designed to be easily implemented at home and links to recommended resources are provided.

The course sets out the principles for teaching reading which can be applied from 3 years of age, through school years and in early adult years. While the course contains five modules which can be completed in five weeks, the content and materials will support a young person’s reading development over many years. We provide access to the course for a period of 12 months, during which time participants have access to individual support.

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