Course Subscription: Managing behaviour difficulties for children with Down syndrome

Course Subscription: Managing behaviour difficulties for children with Down syndrome

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This online course offers parents and educators practical strategies for changing problem behaviour and avoiding future behaviour difficulties. It provides step-by-step guidance on how to implement effective strategies to change problem behaviours and encourage positive behaviours for children with Down syndrome. Individual advice and support is also offered to participants through an online discussion forum.

Some children and teenagers with Down syndrome develop behaviours that can disrupt their learning and social opportunities and that cause challenges and stress at school and at home. Problem behaviours can be changed but may need different approaches to those that work with other children. This course aims to support parents and educators to implement individualised plans to improve behaviour and to secure new positive behaviours.

The course is led and supported by Professor Sue Buckley OBE, an internationally recognised expert in development and education for children with Down syndrome. The course includes five modules explaining how to assess the child’s needs, develop an effective strategy for changing behaviour, teach new positive behaviours and move forward. Handouts include practical worksheets to support the implementation of a successful behaviour change programme. Individual support is also available to participants through an online discussion forum.

The course includes 5 modules, each of which includes a video presentation, handouts and an assessment. The video presentations can be viewed, handouts downloaded and assessments completed at any time. In addition, course participants are invited to join an online discussion forum with DSE tutors for the opportunity to ask questions and seek additional advice. Course participants should plan to spend a minimum of 8 hours studying the course. Further time will be required to apply the guidance, plan and implement the behaviour change programme. Participants are provided with 12 months access to the course and support forum.

The course is accessible to participants in any country. A computer with a modern web browser and a reliable Internet connection sufficient for streaming videos is required.

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