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See and Learn Sentences 1 Kit

See and Learn Sentences 1 Kit

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See and Learn Sentences 1 is designed to help children with Down syndrome learn to read, understand and to use longer sentences when talking. It teaches new vocabulary, sight words, new ways to combine words to express ideas, and some of the first rules of grammar. See and Learn Sentences 1 uses printed words and sentences to provide a concrete and visual representation of language concepts to support the development of spoken language skills.

See and Learn Sentences 1 is the seventh step in See and Learn Language and Reading, an evidence-based teaching programme designed to meet the specific needs of children with Down syndrome and children with similar learning disabilities.

See and Learn Sentences 1 builds on the skills taught in the earlier See and Learn Vocabulary and See and Learn Phrases steps to help children with Down syndrome to progress from using single words and simple phrases to using longer sentences, and to help them continue to learn new vocabulary and sight words.

For full details and guidance, please refer to the See and Learn web site

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Tax relief

We are able to supply See and Learn kits free of VAT to families and charities in the United Kingdom for use with children with Down syndrome (or children with similar disabilities).

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