See and Learn Saying Words 3 Kit

See and Learn Saying Words 3 Kit

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See and Learn Saying Words 3 is designed to help children with Down syndrome to develop clear speech.

See and Learn Saying Words 3 supports simple activities that encourage the imitation and repetition of spoken words. It includes activities to practise six sets of one or two syllable words beginning with sounds (sh, th, s, z, l, and j) that typically develop following those introduced in See and Learn Saying Words 2.

See and Learn Saying Words 3 can help parents, teachers and therapists support regular speech practice.

For full details and guidance, please refer to the See and Learn web site


We offer bundles of See and Learn kits offering savings of up to 14% compared to the prices of individual kits.

See and Learn Combining Sounds is included in the following bundles:

Tax relief

We are able to supply See and Learn kits free of VAT to families and charities in the United Kingdom for use with children with Down syndrome (or children with similar disabilities).

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