Course Subscription: Improving speech and language development for children and young people with Down syndrome

Course Subscription: Improving speech and language development for children and young people with Down syndrome

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This online course provides in-depth guidance on evidence-based speech and language therapy, offering practical recommendations and strategies based on a detailed review of the scientific research into speech, language and working memory development for children and young people with Down syndrome.

Designed for speech and language therapists/pathologists working with young people with Down syndrome, the course offers comprehensive practical guidance for assessment and planning, developing communication, vocabulary, grammar and speech from the early steps in infancy through to early adulthood. The course will also be of interest to educators and parents seeking a detailed understanding of speech and language development and intervention for young people with Down syndrome.

Presented and led by Professor Sue Buckley OBE, the course covers working with young people with Down syndrome from infancy, considering the wide variability in development seen, and also addressing the needs of children with more complex needs, including dual diagnoses. Although the course focuses on learning English, most of the principles and practical advice can be applied to any language. Available research examining how individuals with Down syndrome learn other languages or become bilingual is discussed.

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